Alien Shooter MOD APK 5.8.3 Unlimited Power Generators

Battle extraterrestrial invaders in Alien Shooter MOD APK. Use your firepower to save humanity from aliens and experience thrilling battles.

Release Date
Dec 23, 2013
8Floor Games
Android Req
7.0 newer
Unlimited Power Generators

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Alien Shooter game offers thrilling and intense gameplay with hordes of extraterrestrial enemies to defeat.

  • Intense battles against extraterrestrial invaders.
  • Futuristic weapons and advanced technology.
  • Endless waves of alien creatures to eliminate.
  • Highly immersive and visually stunning environments.
  • Challenging missions and objectives to accomplish.
  • Cooperative multiplayer mode for team-based alien extermination.
  • Upgradable skills and abilities for enhanced combat performance.

8Floor Games is a game developer known for creating casual and puzzle games for various platforms, including PC and mobile devices. The company was founded in Russia and has gained popularity worldwide for their engaging and accessible game titles.

Alien Shooter APK MOD Version 5.8.3


It’s widely understood that this game can be demanding:

  • Nonstop extraterrestrial onslaught tests reflexes.
  • Intergalactic enemies require advanced strategizing.
  • Alien AI adapts unpredictably, challenging adaptability.
  • Intense atmosphere demands nerves of steel.
  • Constant barrage requires precise aim.

Unlimited Power Generators

The purpose of Power Generators in the game currency is to enhance players’ abilities and provide them with valuable resources for combat and survival in the extraterrestrial realm.

1. Power-Packed Weaponry

Destructible Environments: Shoot, blast, and demolish your way through the game’s surroundings, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.
Upgradeable Weapons: Improve your firepower by enhancing your arsenal with various upgrades and modifications for more devastating alien annihilation.
Cooperative Multiplayer: Join forces with friends or other players online to tackle challenging missions together and eradicate the extraterrestrial menace as a team.
Intense Boss Battles: Confront gigantic and formidable alien bosses, testing your skills and strategy as you strive to overcome their overwhelming power.
Skill-based Character Progression: Develop your character’s abilities and unlock new skills as you progress, allowing for a customized and powerful alien-slaying playstyle.

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Exterminate Extraterrestrial Invaders!

Explosive Arsenal: Unleash the Power of Advanced Weapons
Customize Your Hero: Gear Up for Battle with Unique Outfits and Accessories
Unlimited Ammo Pack: Never Run Out of Bullets Again
Boost Your Health: Gain Extra Lives to Survive the Onslaught
Unlock New Levels: Conquer Hidden Worlds and Expand Your Mission

Alien Shooter MOD APK Download

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