Armajet MOD APK 1.61.6 Unlimited Paragon

Explore Armajet MOD APK, an exciting mobile game filled with high-speed action and fierce battles. Play now to conquer the arena!

First-person shooter, Multiplayer online battle arena MOBA, Sci-fi, Action
Release Date
Oct 8, 2019
Super Bit Machine
Android Req
6.0 newer
Unlimited Paragon

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Armajet combines fast-paced, multiplayer shooting gameplay with team-based strategy and competitive esports elements.

  • Competitive multiplayer shooter.
  • New maps and environments.
  • Enhanced graphics and visuals.
  • Exciting weapon upgrades.
  • Intense team-based battles.
  • Expanded roster of playable characters.

Super Bit Machine is a game developer known for creating competitive multiplayer mobile games with a focus on real-time, synchronous gameplay. The company was founded in France and is recognized for their expertise in developing highly engaging and skill-based multiplayer experiences.

Armajet APK MOD Version 1.61.6


This game occasionally becomes hard to beat:

  • Fast-paced chaos demands split-second decisions.
  • Weapon variety requires constant adaptation.
  • Mastering movement unlocks strategic advantages.
  • Intense competition challenges your skill level.
  • Teamwork coordination is essential for victory.

Unlimited Paragon

Paragon serves as the virtual currency within the game, enabling players to unlock and upgrade various in-game items and features to enhance their gameplay experience.

Empowering Weaponry Selections

Jetpack: Equip a powerful jetpack to soar through the skies and gain tactical advantage over your opponents.
Weapon Customization: Modify and personalize your arsenal with various attachments and skins to suit your playstyle.
Power-ups: Pick up special power-ups during matches to gain temporary boosts such as increased speed or damage.
Ranked Matches: Test your skills in competitive ranked matches and climb the leaderboards for recognition and rewards.
Clan System: Join or create a clan to team up with friends and engage in clan battles for additional rewards and camaraderie.

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Intense Mobile Multiplayer Combat

Unleash Your Power: Epic Weapons for Unstoppable Force
Upgrade Your Arsenal: Enhanced Gear for Superior Performance
Conquer the Skies: Jetpack Boosts for Dominating Flight
Customize Your Hero: Stylish Skins for Personalized Look
Boost Your Team: Powerful Team Items for Victorious Success

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