Battle Racing Stars MOD APK 1.4.25 Unlimited Gems

Get ready for Battle Racing Stars MOD APK! Feel the excitement of action-packed racing with epic battles and thrilling tracks.

Sci-Fi, Action, Racing, Competitive
Release Date
Feb 25, 2020
Halfbrick Studios
Android Req
4.4 newer
Unlimited Gems

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Battle Racing Stars game combines the excitement of high-speed racing with the thrill of competitive combat, offering a unique and adrenaline-fueled gameplay experience.

  • Fast-paced car combat
  • Explosive power-ups
  • Multiplayer mayhem
  • Intense race battles
  • Thrilling tracks
  • Customizable vehicles
  • Competitive leaderboard

Halfbrick Studios is a renowned game developer known for creating popular mobile games such as Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Founded in 2001 in Brisbane, Australia, Halfbrick gained recognition for their addictive and innovative casual gaming experiences.

Battle Racing Stars APK MOD Version 1.4.25


It’s not a game you can easily conquer:

  • Twisted tracks, endless challenges.
  • Skills tested, limits pushed.
  • Mind-bending obstacles, strategic maneuvers.
  • Unpredictable rivals, intense competition.
  • Multidimensional gameplay, ultimate adrenaline rush.

Unlimited Gems

Gems serve as the primary in-game currency, enabling players to unlock new vehicles, upgrade their racing skills, and acquire various power-ups within the thrilling world of high-speed competition.

Maximize Your Gaming Potential

Unique Power-Ups: Use a variety of special abilities and weapons to gain an edge over your opponents.
Customizable Vehicles: Modify and personalize your racing car with different skins, colors, and decals.
Challenging Tracks: Navigate through intricate and dynamic race courses filled with obstacles and shortcuts.
Multiplayer Competitions: Engage in intense online battles against players from around the world to prove your racing skills.
Rewarding Progression System: Earn experience points and unlock new characters, vehicles, and upgrades as you advance in the game.

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High-Speed Racing Mayhem!

Gear up for Victory: Unleash the Power with Epic Upgrades
Turbocharge Your Rides: Unlock High-Speed Vehicles
Master the Tracks: Access Exclusive Maps and Challenges
Customize Your Team: Collect Awesome Skins and Accessories
Boost Your Skills: Gain Bonus XP and Exclusive Power-Ups

Battle Racing Stars MOD APK Download

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