BunnyBuns MOD APK 2.4.7 Unlimited Coins

Try BunnyBuns MOD APK for cute bunnies and yummy treats! Feel joy, sweetness, and cuteness in a single app!

Simulation, Cooking, Time Management, Cute
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Mar 28, 2019
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4.4 newer
Unlimited Coins

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BunnyBuns game combines cute and colorful graphics with addictive gameplay, allowing players to create their own bakery and serve adorable bunny customers.

  • Cute animal-themed bakery
  • Delicious pastries and desserts
  • Colorful and whimsical decorations
  • Instagram-worthy treats
  • Adorable bunny-shaped cookies
  • Variety of breads and cakes
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

HyperBeard is a game developer known for creating adorable and addictive mobile games, often featuring cute animals or quirky characters. The company was founded in Mexico and has gained global recognition for its charming and accessible games.

BunnyBuns APK MOD Version 2.4.7


Prepare yourself for some tricky maneuvers in this game:

  • Speedy treats evade hungry bunnies.
  • Maze of frosting confuses paws.
  • Sticky paws sabotage precise decorating.
  • Fondant fiasco ruins tasty creations.
  • Oven timer adds time pressure.

Unlimited Coins

The purpose of the in-game currency, Coins, is to provide players with a means to acquire and unlock various items, upgrades, and features within the game.

1. Delicious Dessert Extravaganza

Customizable bakery: Design and decorate your own unique bakery with a variety of adorable BunnyBuns-themed items and decorations.
BunnyBuns customers: Serve a charming cast of bunny customers with different preferences and personalities, each with their own unique orders and requests.
Baking mini-games: Engage in fun and addictive mini-games that challenge your baking skills and let you create delicious BunnyBuns treats.
Special events and challenges: Participate in exciting seasonal events and challenges to earn exclusive rewards and unlock new content for your bakery.
Social interaction: Connect and interact with friends and players worldwide, visit their bakeries, and exchange gifts and tips in a vibrant BunnyBuns community.

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Adorable Baking Adventure Game

Sweet Treats Galore: Indulge in Delicious Desserts
Unlock Cute Couture: Dress Up Your Buns in Style
Master Baker’s Toolkit: Upgrade Your Baking Skills with Premium Tools
Exclusive Decor: Customize Your Bakery with Unique Themes
Bonus Bonanza: Get More Currency for Faster Progress

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