City Construction Simulator MOD APK 3.67 Unlock All Levels

Enjoy the excitement of city construction with City Construction Simulator MOD APK. Build, demolish, and create in this immersive game.

Release Date
Feb 23, 2017
Imperial Arts Pty Ltd
Android Req
4.4 newer
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City Construction Simulator game allows players to experience the challenges and satisfaction of managing a construction company and building a thriving city.

  • Building structures
  • Heavy machinery
  • Construction sites
  • Excavation and digging
  • Crane operations
  • Realistic physics
  • Project management
  • Infrastructure development

Imperial Arts Pty Ltd is a game developer known for creating immersive role-playing games set in fantasy worlds, with a focus on rich storytelling and intricate game mechanics. Originating from Australia, they have gained recognition for their ability to create captivating and visually stunning gaming experiences.

City Construction Simulator APK MOD Version 3.67


It’s widely recognized that this game can be demanding:

  • Complex controls challenge players’ coordination.
  • Limited resources hinder strategic decision-making.
  • Time constraints intensify planning pressure.
  • Unpredictable events disrupt construction progress.
  • Multiple tasks demand efficient multitasking skills.

Unlock All Levels

The in-game currency enables players to gain access to all available stages and levels, facilitating a comprehensive construction experience.

1. Construction Mastery Unleashed

Realistic Construction Machinery: Use a variety of authentic and detailed construction vehicles to carry out different tasks.
Dynamic Weather System: Experience changing weather conditions that affect construction operations and add an extra layer of realism.
Multiple Construction Projects: Take on a diverse range of projects, from building skyscrapers to constructing bridges, offering varied gameplay experiences.
Resource Management: Efficiently manage your construction materials, equipment, and workforce to complete projects on time and within budget.
Real-time Physics Engine: Enjoy a realistic physics system that accurately simulates the interactions and movements of objects and structures in the game world.

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Build Your Dream Metropolis!

The Ultimate Toolbox: Unleash Your Construction Skills with Premium Tools
Mega Construction Projects: Build Skyscrapers, Bridges, and More
Power Pack Bonanza: Unlock Advanced Machinery and Boost Efficiency
Exclusive Cityscapes: Customize Your Urban Playground with Unique Themes
Super Builder Bundle: Get All-In-One Access to Premium Content and Upgrades

City Construction Simulator MOD APK Download

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