Dead Shell MOD APK 1.3.8 Unlimited Cases DNA

Delve into Dead Shell MOD APK and embark on an incredible adventure. Get ready for an epic journey through dark depths!

Release Date
Jul 19, 2016
HeroCraft Ltd.
Android Req
7.0 newer
Unlimited Cases DNA

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Dead Shell combines roguelike elements, sci-fi horror themes, and challenging gameplay to create a captivating and immersive mobile gaming experience.

  • Dungeon exploration
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Challenging battles
  • Unique character classes
  • Upgradeable weapons
  • Tactical gameplay

HeroCraft Ltd. is a game developer known for creating mobile and PC games, primarily focusing on strategy, simulation, and role-playing game genres. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Russia, with a history of developing games for various platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Dead Shell APK MOD Version 1.3.8


There are instances where this game becomes challenging:

  • Unforgiving enemies and relentless onslaught.
  • Complex level layouts and traps.
  • Limited resources and strategic choices.
  • Challenging boss battles with unique mechanics.
  • Intense time pressure and quick decisions.

Unlimited Cases DNA

The purpose of the in-game currency “Cases” is to provide players with an opportunity to unlock and discover various items and rewards within the game.

Power-Packed Game Enhancements

Multiple Character Classes: Play as different classes with unique abilities and playstyles.
Weapon and Armor Customization: Customize your loadout with various weapons and armor pieces to suit your preferred combat style.
Skill Tree Progression: Unlock and upgrade skills across different branches to enhance your character’s abilities.
Challenging Boss Fights: Engage in intense battles against powerful bosses with their own distinct mechanics and weaknesses.
Randomized Levels: Explore procedurally generated levels for endless replayability and unpredictable encounters.

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Post-Apocalyptic Battle for Survival

Awesome Upgrades: Unleash the Power
Unleash Your Inner Warrior: Exclusive Weapons
Master the Battle: Unlock Powerful Armor
Enhance Your Squad: Recruit Elite Warriors
Dominate the Arena: Special Boosts and Bonuses

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