Doomsday Clicker MOD APK 2.0 Unlimited Gold

Doomsday Clicker MOD APK: Tap for apocalypse! Create an empire, unleash chaos. Addictive clicker game. Get ready for the end!

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Mar 22, 2016
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5.0 newer
Unlimited Gold

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Doomsday Clicker combines addictive clicker mechanics with dark humor and a post-apocalyptic theme, allowing players to unleash destruction and build their own underground bunker empire.

  • Apocalypse simulation
  • Building destruction
  • Resource management
  • Tap frenzy
  • Underground bunkers
  • Mutant creatures

PIKPOK is a New Zealand-based game developer known for creating mobile games with a focus on sports and action genres, including popular titles like Rival Stars Basketball and Into the Dead.

Doomsday Clicker APK MOD Version 2.0


This game is quite challenging to play for a few reasons:

  • Unpredictable disasters challenge resource management.
  • Mutant monsters disrupt profitable tapping.
  • Limited doomsday preppers hinder progress.
  • Rapid clicker fatigue diminishes efficiency.
  • Unstable economy destabilizes strategic planning.

Unlimited Gold

The in-game currency of Doomsday Clicker, Gold, serves as the vital resource for players to unlock and upgrade various apocalyptic elements and maximize their destructive potential.

Apocalypse Powerhouse: Unleash, Conquer, Customize

Tap to Destroy: Quickly tap on the screen to unleash destructive power and annihilate everything in your path.
Collect Mutant Creatures: Gather a variety of bizarre and powerful mutant creatures to aid in your apocalyptic conquest.
Research Upgrades: Unlock and upgrade a wide range of scientific advancements to enhance your destructive capabilities.
Unlock Disaster Events: Trigger catastrophic events such as earthquakes, meteor showers, and alien invasions to bring chaos and devastation.
Prestige System: Reset your progress and earn special bonuses to accelerate your progress in subsequent playthroughs.

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Destruction at Your Fingertips

Epic Upgrades: Unleash Destruction and Chaos
Power-Packed Superweapons: Conquer the Apocalypse in Style
Wickedly Awesome Disaster Skins: Customize Your Apocalypse Experience
Exclusive Apocalypse Helpers: Recruit Apocalypse Experts
Apocalypse Accelerators: Turbocharge Your End-of-the-World Profits

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