Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting MOD APK 51.2 Unlimited Crystals

Get ready for exciting space battles in Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting MOD APK. Protect Earth from alien invaders in this action-packed game.

Sci-fi, Action, Arcade, Shooter
Release Date
Oct 22, 2016
Android Req
5.0 newer
Unlimited Crystals

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Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting game offers intense and addictive gameplay, stunning visuals, and a variety of challenging levels that keep players engaged and entertained.

  • Space battles
  • Alien invaders
  • Laser cannons
  • Power-ups
  • Challenging levels
  • Explosions and destruction

ONESOFT GLOBAL PTE. LTD. is a game developer known for creating popular mobile shoot ’em up games, such as “Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter,” offering intense space combat experiences. The company originated in Vietnam and has gained recognition for its engaging and visually appealing games in the mobile gaming industry.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting APK MOD Version 51.2


I have a feeling that this game requires some serious effort:

  • Rapid alien onslaught tests reflexes.
  • Infinite space, finite ammunition challenge.
  • Unpredictable enemy formations demand adaptability.
  • Power-ups elude amidst chaotic battles.
  • Laser precision crucial against relentless foes.

Unlimited Crystals

The purpose of the in-game currency, Crystals, is to enhance the gaming experience and provide players with opportunities to upgrade their arsenal and abilities.

Enhance Your Space Arsenal

Intense Boss Battles: Engage in epic encounters with powerful alien bosses, testing your skills and reflexes to the limit.
Upgradable Spaceships: Customize and enhance your spacecraft with a variety of weapons and upgrades to unleash devastating firepower.
Special Power-ups: Collect special power-ups during gameplay to gain temporary boosts such as invincibility or increased damage.
Challenging Levels: Navigate through diverse and challenging levels filled with swarms of alien enemies, obstacles, and traps.
Cooperative Multiplayer: Join forces with friends or players worldwide in cooperative multiplayer mode to take down alien invaders together.

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Intense Space Battle Action

Power Up Your Spaceship: Unleash the Ultimate Laser Fury
Unlock Supercharged Missiles: Blast Away Alien Invaders like a Pro
Collect Rare Starship Skins: Customize Your Vessel for Epic Battles
Boost Your Shield Capacity: Defend Earth with an Iron Wall of Protection
Extra Life Packs: Stay in the Game Longer and Crush Alien Menace

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting MOD APK Download

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