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Experience the ultimate Hip Hop Battle MOD APK! Talented artists clash in an electrifying showdown of beats and rhymes. Don’t miss it!

Freestyle Rap Battle, Graffiti Art Competition, Beatboxing Challenge, Dance Battle
Release Date
Aug 8, 2018
Coco Play By TabTale
Android Req
6.0 newer
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The Hip Hop Battle game combines the competitive nature of battling with the creative expression of hip hop music and dance, resulting in a dynamic and engaging experience.

  • Dance showdown
  • Gender clash
  • Rival crews
  • Intense moves
  • Showstopper routines
  • Battle for supremacy
  • Power moves unleashed
  • Explosive energy

Coco Play by TabTale is a developer known for creating a wide range of interactive mobile games targeted at children and young audiences. Founded in 2013, TabTale is an Israeli company that has gained popularity for their virtual pet, role-playing, and dress-up games, offering immersive and entertaining experiences for kids on various platforms.

Hip Hop Battle APK MOD Version 1.2.1


This game is notorious for its challenging nature:

  • Rhythmic mind game.
  • Verbal chess match.
  • Precision with poetic punches.
  • Energy demands constant flow.
  • Mastering diverse linguistic acrobatics.

Unlock Full Game

The game currency is used as a key to access the complete gaming experience, unleashing all its features and content.

Elevate Your Rap Skills

Freestyle Mode: Engage in spontaneous rap battles, where players can showcase their improvisational skills and create unique verses on the spot.
Multiplayer Battles: Compete against friends or online opponents in real-time rap battles to determine who has the best flow and lyrical prowess.
Beat Selection: Choose from a wide range of instrumental tracks, allowing players to match their rhymes with various styles of beats and create dynamic rap performances.
Character Customization: Customize the appearance and style of your virtual rapper, including clothing, accessories, and hairstyles, to create a unique and personalized hip-hop persona.
Skill Progression: Earn experience points and unlock new abilities, techniques, and rhyming patterns as you level up, enhancing your rap skills and increasing your chances of winning battles.

Hip Hop Battle cheats money

Rap Rumble: Showdown Edition

Get Your Flow On: Unleash Your Inner Rapper with Exclusive Rhyme Packs
Bling Up Your Avatar: Deck Out Your Star with Swag-tastic Accessories
Beatbox 101: Master the Art of Beatboxing with Pro Tips and Tutorials
VIP Access: Gain Backstage Passes to Exclusive Concerts and Events
Showtime Showdown: Compete in Epic Rap Battles Against Friends and Foes

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