Hitwicket Superstars Cricket MOD APK 5.9.0 Unlimited Coins

Explore the exciting world of Hitwicket Superstars Cricket MOD APK. Enjoy immersive gameplay and show off your cricket skills.

Release Date
Mar 22, 2019
Hitwicket Cricket Games
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6.0 newer
Unlimited Coins

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Hitwicket Superstars Cricket game combines strategic team management with immersive gameplay, allowing players to experience the thrill of building their own cricket team and leading them to victory.

  • Managerial cricket simulation
  • Strategic team management
  • Online multiplayer cricket
  • Player auctions and transfers
  • League tournaments and championships
  • Real-time match simulations

Hitwicket Cricket Games is a developer known for creating a popular mobile cricket management game called “Hitwicket™ Superstars.” The company was founded in 2012 in India and has since gained a global following with millions of players enjoying their immersive cricket gaming experience.

Hitwicket Superstars Cricket APK MOD Version 5.9.0


This game presents several obstacles that make it hard to play:

  • Intense strategic decision-making required.
  • Constantly changing team dynamics challenge players.
  • Complex skill progression system demands precision.
  • Tough competition tests your cricketing acumen.
  • Unpredictable match outcomes keep players engaged.

Unlimited Coins

The in-game currency, Coins, serves as a valuable resource enabling players to enhance their team’s performance and strategically manage their cricketing empire.

Enhanced Player Abilities

Squad Management: Strategically select and manage your team, including player transfers, training, and formations.
Match Simulation: Watch your team play in realistic, AI-controlled matches based on your strategies and player abilities.
Player Development: Train and develop individual players to improve their skills and unlock their full potential.
Tournaments and Leagues: Compete against other players in various tournaments and leagues, showcasing your team’s abilities.
Social Interaction: Engage with a vibrant community of players, join alliances, and participate in friendly matches, discussions, and events.

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Unleash Your Cricketing Potential!

Unlock Special Abilities: Power-Up Your Players with Enhanced Features
Boost Your Team’s Performance: Acquire Exclusive Equipment for Optimal Gameplay
Get an Edge Over Opponents: Invest in Training Camps for Intense Skill Development
Build the Ultimate Stadium: Unlock Purchasable Upgrades for Spectacular Home Grounds
Customize Your Team’s Look: Dress Your Players in Stylish Outfits with Exciting Add-Ons

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