Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK 1.3.8 Unlimited Ruby

Defend your kingdom in Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK! It’s a thrilling strategy game with endless fun and epic battles. Play now!

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Oct 11, 2021
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5.0 newer
Unlimited Ruby

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Idle Kingdom Defense game combines strategic decision-making and incremental progression with a captivating fantasy setting, providing an engaging and rewarding gameplay experience.

  • Strategic tower defense
  • Upgradable heroes
  • Challenging waves
  • Resource management
  • Epic battles
  • Unlockable abilities

StormX is not a game developer but rather a blockchain-powered platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency rewards for shopping and completing tasks. It was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 2015 by Simon Yu and Calvin Hsieh.

Idle Kingdom Defense APK MOD Version 1.3.8


This game has a knack for being tricky:

  • Ever-changing enemy tactics defy predictions.
  • Resource scarcity tests strategic decision-making.
  • Dynamic terrain hinders defensive planning.
  • Unpredictable weather disrupts troop movements.
  • Elusive hidden pathways confound defensive strategies.

Unlimited Ruby

Ruby is the valuable in-game currency that empowers players to strengthen their defenses and fortify their kingdom in the immersive realm of strategic conquest.

Power-Boosting Upgrades

Tower Upgrades: Enhance the power and capabilities of your defensive towers to repel stronger enemy forces.
Hero Units: Summon and command mighty heroes with unique abilities to join the battle and turn the tide in your favor.
Special Abilities: Unleash devastating spells and special attacks to decimate enemy hordes and gain a strategic advantage.
Endless Mode: Test your defenses against endless waves of enemies, challenging your skills and endurance.
Resource Management: Collect and manage resources strategically to build and upgrade towers, heroes, and defenses efficiently.

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Guard Your Kingdom’s Destiny

Boost Your Castle’s Power: Unleash Mighty Upgrades for Victory
Summon Legendary Heroes: Command a Team of Epic Warriors
Uncover Magical Artifacts: Enhance Your Defenses with Ancient Relics
Unlock Exclusive Battle Arenas: Conquer New Lands and Challenges
Treasure Trove of Gems: Acquire Valuable Currency for Faster Progress

Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK Download

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