Idle Miner Tycoon MOD APK 4.36.0 Unlimited Super Cash

Become a mining magnate in Idle Miner Tycoon MOD APK. Run mines, boost profits, and unleash your inner tycoon. Get started today!

Release Date
Jun 30, 2016
Kolibri Games
Android Req
6.0 newer
Unlimited Super Cash

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Idle Miner Tycoon combines the addictive elements of resource management, strategy, and incremental progression, providing players with a satisfying sense of growth and achievement.

  • Gold mining simulation
  • Resource management
  • Expanding mining empire
  • Upgrading mining operations
  • Hiring skilled workers
  • Increasing production efficiency
  • Unlocking new mines
  • Prestige system

Kolibri Games is a mobile game developer based in Berlin, Germany, known for creating casual idle games with a focus on resource management and growth mechanics. The company was founded in 2016 and has since gained popularity with titles such as “Idle Miner Tycoon” and “Idle Factory Tycoon.”

Idle Miner Tycoon APK MOD Version 4.36.0


Sometimes, this game can be quite tricky:

  • Challenging resource management mechanics
  • Complex upgrade strategies for optimization
  • Time constraints demand efficient decision-making
  • Competitive leaderboard fuels intense competition
  • Multiple simultaneous tasks require multitasking

Unlimited Super Cash

Super Cash serves as the virtual currency that empowers players to accelerate their mining operations, unlock exclusive perks, and conquer new frontiers within the game.

Precious Stone Empowerment

Multiple Mines: Unlock and manage a variety of mines to expand your resource production.
Managers: Hire skilled managers to automate and optimize your mining operations.
Research: Invest in research projects to unlock new technologies and boost your mining efficiency.
Events: Participate in limited-time events and complete special challenges for valuable rewards.
Prestige System: Reset your progress to earn prestige points and unlock powerful bonuses for your next playthrough.

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Master the Mining Business

Sparkling Gems: Unleash the Power of Precious Stones
Mega Miners: Expand Your Workforce and Boost Productivity
Epic Boosters: Skyrocket Your Mining Profits to New Heights
Rare Resources: Unlock Exclusive Mines for Unprecedented Riches
Golden Tickets: Get VIP Access to Legendary Upgrades and Bonuses

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