Just Kill Me 3 MOD APK 15.2 Unlimited Rubies

Get ready for the exciting sequel, Just Kill Me 3 MOD APK. Endless action and intense challenges await in this amazing game.

Release Date
Nov 29, 2016
Android Req
5.0 newer
Unlimited Rubies

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Just Kill Me 3 have unique blend of dark humor, challenging gameplay, and addictive progression system.

  • Hilarious monster battles
  • Unlockable character costumes
  • Darkly comedic storyline
  • Challenging boss fights
  • Unique pixel art style
  • Power-ups and upgrades
  • Multiple endings

ふんどしパレード is developed by a Japanese game studio known for creating whimsical and quirky games. They specialize in producing unique and humorous titles, with a focus on cultural elements from Japan, including the traditional undergarment called “fundoshi.”

Just Kill Me 3 APK MOD Version 15.2


Don’t be surprised if you encounter some tricky moments in this game:

  • Perplexing puzzles and mind-bending challenges.
  • Unforgiving enemies at every turn.
  • Time constraints heighten adrenaline rush.
  • Ever-changing landscapes defy navigation skills.
  • Complex controls demand precise coordination.

Unlimited Rubies

Rubies in the game serve as a valuable currency enabling players to unlock powerful enhancements and accelerate their progress in the virtual world.

Unprecedented Destruction Arsenal

Bullet Time: Slow down time and dodge enemy bullets with enhanced reflexes.
Diverse Weaponry: Equip an arsenal of customizable weapons ranging from high-powered sniper rifles to explosive rocket launchers.
Dynamic Environments: Immerse yourself in interactive and destructible environments that can be used tactically to gain an advantage.
Brutal Takedowns: Execute visceral and satisfying melee takedowns with an array of brutal finishing moves.
Multiplayer Mayhem: Engage in intense multiplayer battles with friends or foes in various game modes, including team-based objectives and all-out chaos.

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Unleash Deadly Chaos Once Again

Supercharged Arsenal Pack: Unleash Unprecedented Destruction
Fashion Frenzy: Dress to Impress with Stylish Outfits
Limitless Energy Surge: Empower Yourself to Conquer the Challenges
Mystical Amulet Collection: Unveil Ancient Secrets and Abilities
Exclusive Dungeon Pass: Embark on a Journey through New Depths and Discover Epic Treasures

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