LAB Escape MOD APK 1.91 Unlimited Supplies Coins

Try out the exciting LAB Escape MOD APK adventure. Solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and find your way out in this captivating game. Play now!

Release Date
Jul 27, 2017
Android Req
7.0 newer
Unlimited Supplies Coins

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The LAB Escape game challenges players to solve complex puzzles and escape from a high-tech laboratory using their critical thinking skills.

  • Puzzle-solving
  • Hidden clues
  • Locked doors
  • Mystery adventure
  • Scientific experiments
  • Secret passages
  • Countdown timer

Owings Developer is a renowned game studio specializing in immersive open-world role-playing games, known for creating expansive fantasy realms filled with captivating quests and rich storytelling. Founded in 2010 by siblings Sarah and Mark Owings, the company originated in Seattle, Washington, and has since gained a global reputation for their exceptional game design and memorable gaming experiences.

LAB Escape APK MOD Version 1.91


It’s commonly understood that this game can be challenging:

  • Complex puzzles challenge your intellect.
  • Maze-like layout confuses and disorients.
  • Time limits add intense pressure.
  • Hidden traps endanger your progress.
  • Infiltrate guarded facility undetected.

Unlimited Supplies Coins

The purpose of the in-game currency is to acquire necessary resources and materials for progress and survival within the virtual environment.

Cutting-Edge Science Tools

Puzzle-solving: Engage in challenging puzzles to unlock doors and progress through the game.
Stealth gameplay: Sneak past guards and security systems to avoid detection and escape.
Inventory management: Collect and use various items strategically to overcome obstacles and advance.
Multiple endings: Your choices and actions throughout the game determine the outcome and ending.
Immersive environments: Explore detailed and atmospheric laboratory settings to uncover the secrets within.

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Escape the Mad Scientist!

Supercharged Science Kit: Take your experiments to the next level with an exciting array of high-tech tools and materials.
Brainiac Quiz Pack: Test your knowledge with a series of mind-boggling quizzes covering a wide range of subjects.
Virtual Field Trip Bonanza: Embark on virtual adventures to fascinating locations around the world, from ancient ruins to exotic wildlife habitats.
Time Warp History Lessons: Travel back in time and witness key historical events firsthand with immersive virtual reality experiences.
Master Detective Bundle: Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and solve thrilling mysteries with exclusive clues, puzzles, and detective gear.

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