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Try Lost Lands 4 MOD APK! Discover enchanting realms, solve secrets, and enjoy exciting quests. Experience the thrill!

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Jul 26, 2019
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Lost Lands 4 offers a captivating mix of immersive storytelling, challenging puzzles, and stunning visuals, creating an engaging gaming experience.

  • Fantasy adventure game
  • Mysterious portal
  • Ancient artifacts
  • Enchanting landscapes
  • Hidden treasures
  • Perilous quests
  • Magical creatures
  • Challenging puzzles

FIVE-BN GAMES is a renowned game developer specializing in hidden object puzzle adventures (HOPA) with captivating storylines and immersive gameplay. Founded in 2010, they originated in Belarus and have since become globally recognized for their high-quality and visually stunning games.

Lost Lands 4 APK MOD Version


I believe playing this game isn’t easy:

  • Perilous puzzles await intrepid adventurers.
  • Mystical creatures guard elusive treasure.
  • Time warps distort reality’s path.
  • Labyrinthine terrain confounds even veterans.
  • Elemental forces challenge your very existence.

Unlimited Coins

Coins serve as the primary in-game currency in the mystical realm, allowing players to unlock enchanting artifacts, trade with fantastical creatures, and unravel ancient secrets.

Enrich Your Virtual Journey

Epic Boss Battles: Engage in thrilling encounters with massive, fearsome creatures that test your skills and teamwork.
Dynamic World Events: Experience ever-changing events that shape the game’s landscape and offer exciting challenges and rewards.
Extensive Crafting System: Utilize a complex crafting system to create powerful weapons, armor, and tools to aid in your survival and exploration.
Player Housing: Build and customize your own home in the game world, complete with furniture, decorations, and functional amenities.
PvP Arenas: Compete against other players in intense PvP battles across various arenas, showcasing your combat prowess and strategy.

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Fantasy World Unleashed: Lost Lands 4

Unlock Epic Creatures and Rare Artifacts: Explore the Lands with Powerful Allies
Boost Your Adventure: Get Exclusive Weapons and Armor to Conquer Challenges
Expand Your Kingdom: Build Magnificent Castles and Expand Your Territory
Master Magical Spells: Unlock Mystical Powers to Overcome Foes and Solve Puzzles
Unleash Your Creativity: Customize Avatars and Decorate Your Virtual Home

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