Nova Empire MOD APK 2.18.0 Unlimited GEC

Dominate the galaxy in Nova Empire MOD APK. Build, expand, and conquer with your fleet. Join the epic space strategy game now!

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Jul 14, 2017
GameBear Tech
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5.1 newer
Unlimited GEC

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Nova Empire offers a compelling mix of strategic space exploration, resource management, and intense multiplayer battles.

  • Strategic space conquest game
  • Build and customize fleets
  • Engage in epic interstellar battles
  • Conquer new planets and expand your empire
  • Form alliances with other players
  • Research advanced technologies
  • Upgrade your space stations

GameBear Tech is a renowned game developer known for their innovative and immersive virtual reality experiences, pushing the boundaries of gaming. Founded in 2010 by a team of passionate gamers, their origins can be traced back to a small garage in Seattle, where they first started creating mobile puzzle games before transitioning to VR.

Nova Empire APK MOD Version 2.18.0


It’s my understanding that this game is not a piece of pie to play:

  • Complex strategy, endless possibilities.
  • Intense battles, constant decision-making.
  • Unpredictable alliances, shifting power dynamics.
  • Challenging resource management, limited reserves.
  • Thrilling diplomacy, high-stakes negotiations.

Unlimited GEC

The purpose of the in-game currency, GEC, is to facilitate economic transactions and enhance player progression within the virtual universe.

Supercharge Your Space Empire

Real-Time Strategy: Engage in intense battles and strategic gameplay in real-time against players from around the world.
Alliance System: Form alliances with other players to strengthen your empire, coordinate attacks, and share resources.
Ship Customization: Customize and upgrade your fleet with various weapons, armor, and special abilities to gain an edge in combat.
Galactic Conquest: Expand your empire by conquering new star systems, establishing colonies, and controlling valuable resources.
Events and Missions: Participate in exciting events and missions to earn rewards, unlock new content, and test your skills in unique challenges.

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Conquer the Universe Together

Power up your fleet: Unlock incredible spaceship upgrades
Dominate the galaxy: Acquire exclusive weapons and defenses
Expand your empire: Acquire additional planets and resources
Build faster: Instantly complete construction projects
Customize your empire: Access unique skins and designs for your bases

Nova Empire MOD APK Download

Download APK

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