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Explore the amazing Restaurant Story Founders MOD APK. Discover their story, passion, and triumph. Get inspired now!

Simulation, Strategy, Time management, Casual
Release Date
Feb 15, 2017
TeamLava Games
Android Req
2.2 newer
Unlimited Gems

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Restaurant Story Founders allows players to design and manage their own virtual restaurant, providing a creative and immersive experience.

  • Culinary journey.
  • Creative flavors.
  • Passionate chefs.
  • Unique concept.
  • Memorable dining experience.
  • Farm-to-table ingredients.
  • Artful presentation.
  • Warm ambiance.

TeamLava Games is a mobile game developer known for creating casual simulation and management games, such as Restaurant Story and City Story. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in California, United States.

Restaurant Story Founders APK MOD Version


At times, this game becomes difficult to navigate:

  • Complex mechanics deter casual gamers.
  • Steep learning curve frustrates beginners.
  • High difficulty spikes discourage player progression.
  • Strategic decision-making challenges require advanced thinking.
  • Limited resources hinder strategic planning.

Unlimited Gems

The purpose of the in-game currency known as “Gems” in Restaurant Story is to provide players with a valuable resource for enhancing their restaurant’s progress and unlocking various features and items.

Enhance Restaurant Experience

Table Service: Hire waitstaff to serve customers and ensure a smooth dining experience.
Menu Design: Create enticing menus with a variety of dishes to attract and satisfy customers’ tastes.
Decor Customization: Personalize your restaurant’s ambiance with a wide range of furniture, artwork, and themes.
Ingredient Sourcing: Explore different regions to gather high-quality ingredients for unique and flavorful recipes.
Special Events: Organize themed events and festivals to attract a larger customer base and boost sales.

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Creating Culinary Empires: Restaurant Story Founders

Awesome Add-Ons: Level up your Restaurant Experience
Unlock Premium Perks: Get the most out of your purchases
Super Savings: Discover exclusive deals on Restaurants
Boost Your Gameplay: Enhance your restaurant management skills with extra features
Dazzling Decorations: Customize your restaurant with fancy items and designs

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