Rock Hero 2 MOD APK 7.2.32 Unlimited Coins

Rock Hero 2 MOD APK: Rock out, become a star! Feel the beat, rule the stage in this awesome music game sequel. Unleash your inner Rock Hero!

Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock
Release Date
Jun 23, 2017
Guitar & Music Games
Android Req
7.0 newer
Unlimited Coins

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Rock Hero 2 allows players to experience the thrill of being a rockstar by tapping along to popular songs on their mobile devices.

  • Music rhythm game
  • Guitar shredding
  • Challenging levels
  • High-score competition
  • Multiple rock genres
  • Customizable characters
  • Famous rock songs
  • Online multiplayer

Guitar & Music Games developer is a company that specializes in creating video games centered around playing virtual guitars and engaging with music. They originated from a passion for music and gaming, combining the two to provide immersive experiences for players seeking interactive musical adventures.

Rock Hero 2 APK MOD Version 7.2.32


There are a couple of reasons why this game is hard to play:

  • Complex rhythms challenge your coordination.
  • Lightning-fast guitar solos demand precision.
  • Unpredictable note patterns test your reflexes.
  • Intense speed keeps you on edge.
  • Tricky chord progressions require dexterity.

Unlimited Coins

The in-game currency, Coins, serves as a valuable resource that enables players to unlock new songs, purchase power-ups, and enhance their musical journey.

Enhance Your Musical Journey

Epic Guitar Solos: Unleash your inner rock god with mind-blowing guitar solos that will leave the crowd in awe.
Challenging Note Charts: Test your skills with intricate note charts that push your timing and accuracy to the limit.
Dynamic Stage Effects: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning concert experience with dazzling stage effects that enhance the rock atmosphere.
Multiplayer Battles: Compete against friends or players worldwide in intense multiplayer battles to prove who reigns supreme as the ultimate rock hero.
Customizable Characters: Create your own unique rockstar persona with a wide range of customizable options for hair, clothing, and accessories.

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Unleash Your Inner Rockstar!

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star: Enhance Your Musical Journey with Exciting Add-OnsTake Your Skills to the Next Level: Discover Exciting Add-Ons in the StorePower-Ups: Boost Your Performance and Conquer the Stage with Add-OnsAmp Up Your Style: The Store Offers Trendy Outfits and AccessoriesRock Your World: Unlock Exclusive Songs and Stages with Add-Ons

Rock Hero 2 MOD APK Download

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