Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK 0.33.1346440 Unlimited Crystals

Explore the exciting Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK. Experience epic battles and iconic characters. Unleash the Force now!

RPG, Turn-based strategy, Collectible card game, Hero shooter
Release Date
Nov 9, 2015
Android Req
5.1 newer
Unlimited Crystals

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes allows players to collect, build, and battle with a vast array of iconic Star Wars characters, creating strategic and immersive gameplay experiences.

  • Mobile game with iconic characters.
  • Strategic battles in the Star Wars universe.
  • Collect and upgrade your favorite heroes.
  • Build powerful teams for epic showdowns.
  • Compete in player-versus-player battles.
  • Explore familiar planets and locations.
  • Join guilds for cooperative gameplay.
  • Special events and limited-time rewards.

Electronic Arts (EA) is a renowned developer and publisher of video games, known for creating diverse titles spanning genres such as sports, first-person shooters, role-playing games, and simulation games. Founded in 1982, EA has grown to become one of the most prominent players in the gaming industry, originating in the United States.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK MOD Version 0.33.1346440


It can be a struggle to advance in this game:

  • Strategic choices determine your fate.
  • Legendary characters demand skilled planning.
  • Unique abilities challenge your tactics.
  • Squad synergies test your team-building skills.
  • Constant updates keep you on edge.

Unlimited Crystals

Crystals serve as the valuable in-game resource to enhance and progress your roster of iconic characters within the popular sci-fi franchise.

Squad Power-Ups

Squad Building: Players can strategically assemble teams of iconic Star Wars characters to maximize their abilities and synergies.
PvP Battles: Engage in real-time player-versus-player battles to test your squad’s strength and climb the competitive rankings.
Guilds: Join forces with other players, participate in guild activities, and coordinate attacks in territory wars and raids.
Events and Challenges: Take part in special limited-time events and challenging missions to earn rare rewards and unlock exclusive characters.
Galactic War: Embark on a series of progressively difficult battles across different planets to earn valuable resources and strengthen your roster.

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Epic Battles Unleashed: Star Wars

Power up your Squad: Unleash the Force with Mighty Upgrades
Unlock Epic Heroes: Discover Iconic Characters for your Team
Master Galactic Strategy: Boost your Tactics with Exclusive Packs
Conquer the Holotables: Access Elite Challenges and Rewards
Dominate the Galaxy: Gain the Advantage with Premium Upgrades

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK Download

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